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  • Healing Crusade with Gayathri Peedam

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  • BHA Holi Festival 2015

  • BHA Holi Festival 2015

  • BHA Holi Festival 2015

Satsang will be Held from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm from Tuesday, 27 September 2016.
Gau Pooja 2015

BHA- Kimberley Hindu SevaSamajGauPooja

Bloemfontein Hindu Association hosted Kimberley Hindu SevaSamajfor their annual GauPooja at the BHA Temple on Sunday, 13 September 2015.


The function started at 10:30 am and we were indeed blessed with beautiful weather.

The Pooja was conducted by VijaybhaiPandya.

After the Pooja, a short Satsang was held in the BHA Temple ending with Aarti.



Bloemfontein Hindu Association also wish to extend our gratitude to the Kimberley Hindu SevaSamaj for allowing us to host the GauPooja. Our thanks also to VijaybhaiPandya for conducting the Pooja and Satsang.


GauPooja2015 Cows




The Cow is revered as the most sacred animal to Hindus, a fact that is evidenced by the
dedication of several hymns and rituals, reverentially addressing it as GOMATHA (divine
mother cow) in all the sacred scriptures Including Vedas and
Puranas. As a representation of
the divine, all auspicious ceremonies and rituals Involve the Cow and Its produce
eg. milk.
butter. ghee. etc. From the Vedic period to this day, gifting or donating cows to deserving
persons. was considered a very sacred act and a way to wash away all the sins, karmas and
samskaras of the past births and present births.




Pujas and Hawan


In Hindu religion Worship can be done on variety of occasions, it may include Puja and Havans at home for peace and good luck, Pujas can be performed at the opening of new office, purchasing of a new house or land etc. Nevertheless, Vedas, Hawan-Yagya or Pujas are eternal truths having neither beginning nor end, and are Apourusheyam (divine, nor the creator of humans).


According to the Vedas, when we do some worship/ Hawan or Puja at our living place or working place, the rays from the holy fire of the Hawan induces positive rays which affect and can reduce all the negative energy of the surrounded atmosphere. Not only this, the worshiping of the God and the Goddess also gives us the right way to choose the right direction for our self and others. It is also said that, performing spiritual activities like Hawan and Pujas are also beneficial for the protection against the various diseases and ailments.