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  • BHA Holi Festival 2015

  • BHA Holi Festival 2015

Satsang will be Held from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm from Tuesday, 27 September 2016.
BHA Diwali 2014

Dr Kanada Narahari

Ayurveda Doctor

BHA is proud to host Dr Kanada Narahi and Mr Rajish Lutchman at our BHA Diwali Celebration on 25 & 26 October 2014.


Dr Kanada Narahari is an Ayurvedic Doctor qualified to diagnose disease conditions

from an Ayurvedic perspective as well as prescribe and administer the full spectrum

of Ayurvedic therapeutics, e.g. Ayurvedic remedies, nutrition and lifestyle advice,

Ayurvedic hands-on treatments and Panchakarma on OPD basis and hospitalized clinical


• He design individualized yoga and Pranayama programs for individuals and groups as

well incorporating yoga, traditional exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

• He has a proven record of reliability and responsibility and has come highly

recommended by many acclaimed persons in this field from top class institutions in India.

• He offer special workshops and training programs for large companies in order for them

to assist their staff to become more efficient.

He is able to relate well to people from a variety of cultures and traditions in view of

his vast experience in his travels through and the length and breadth of India, Nepal and

South Africa.

• He treated thousands of people in India and Nepal. Living his life only to treat and heal

people through Ayurveda and music, Dr Kanada Narahari is a multi-talented personality

who also writes Ayurveda articles in leading newspapers and magazines of Bangalore.


About his music career and Music therapy

• He is a well-known musician with a sitar in hand, practicing and giving concerts in many

places of India Nepal and South Africa and has incorporated music into meditation where

sitar being played on the basis of classic ragas with therapeutic approach and aspirants of

yoga will sit and meditate in deep with the mesmerizing healing sounds of sitar. Designed

in detail and established as Naada Yoga(Deep meditation with music or music therapy)

• From last 10 years being disciple of well known sitar player of South India, Pandit

Sanjeev Korti.

• His style of playing sitar is "gayaki style" sitar (also called "Vilayat Khan style sitar")

emphasizing more on creating mood of the Raaga.

• He organized and featured in Temple Tree music festival Pokhara,

• Played in Kapan sangeet Sarovar, Kathmandu

• Featured in Bhairav Nath sangeeth Sabha, Pokhara, Nepal.

• Played in prestigious Cultural concerts at Manipal university.

• And played in various workshops and cultural meets all over India, Nepal and now in

South Africa.

• Realising the necessary of Ayurveda and Music therapy for the people in pain in the

country, Dr Kanada Narahari from Bangalore, India is relocated to Durban and practicing

in Umhlanga.